An unhinged rant about Capitalism, humans, and nature

God, the everyday world is so beautiful. Not Capitalism, of course, that part is disgusting. Imperialism, Colonialism, domestic acts of class war and violence at home — evictions, unemployment, homelessness and poverty — that is horrifically brutal and should be fundamentally opposed with absolute resolve. But, what I find so beautiful about the world is the parts that are so innately human, the sections that are so completely us, so loving, so complete, so just and pure.

Everywhere we go, we see the ruins of Capitalism lying about the place. The empty lots that are just fields for growing grass between the cracks in the concrete, the empty house-sized fields fenced off from the rest of the world by rusted chain-link fences guarding nothing but gravelly lumps of dirt and grassy waist-high mounds, rotten wooden planks from abandoned houses long since reclaimed by bushes and vines and trees, windows broken for years, doors locked to guard empty rooms full of nothing but dust and someone’s forgotten bong and beer bottle.

Construction equipment just left behind and forgotten about, stumps from old demountable fences, tarps from old projects flapping along with the cars in the wind, demountable offices for foremen simply left behind and forgotten about, left to rust in the corners of abandoned sites filled with piles of rotting pallets and rusted old cars with cobwebs in their wheels and rainwater flooding tires that went flat years ago. Graffiti that adorns faded shops and businesses, decorating underpasses and bypaths, on the sides of forgotten trains in their railyards and pylons for some busy highway, in the small communities and tiny single street shopping sets.

The ways humans try their best to make do with what they have — that is beautiful. Hanging out washing on apartment verandas, decorating tiny apartments with Christmas trees and anything else to make the hole feel like a home, sneaking out onto a carpark rooftop to sneak a smoke break — the ways the human spirit fights so hard to humanise a world and a system that so badly wants the spirit that makes us human dead is so completely and totally beautiful. How nature allies itself with this human spirit to reject profitability and efficiency and simply live as humans, as people, is beautiful. To be able to recognise this art in everyday life is amazing, to be able to experience, understand and appreciate it is perhaps the greatest gift of human cognition.

Perhaps that’s the benefit of being an Autistic Communist. I recognise the horrors of Capitalism, but my ability to hyperanalyse lets me see humans as who they are and appreciate being alive for what a wonderful gift it is, treasuring the few things capitalism has failed to monetise. Seeing how nature and humanity fight so hard to preserve the nature of being human — despite shitty housing, despite shitty work, despite awful pay and dying planet and uncaring rulers — to see how hard everyday people innately find themselves fighting to preserve this one trait we have, this one thing we do to make us human, is perhaps the most beautiful revolution imaginable. Life is free and beautiful, or it can be.

At its core, the world is a wonderful place and people have the capacity to be beautiful. They try so hard to convince us to reject the inner spirit and beauty of being alive and replace it with something artificial, something marketable and buyable and monetised — but it’s not the same. There is nothing they can do to replace the greatest artist of them all — there is no product, no media, no amount of money that can truly defeat Mother Nature and her children, the humans of the earth. They will never be able to completely strangle the life out of humans. We’re stubbornly resilient. We humanise everything we touch, we live and as we do that we turn the cold and the steel to the warmth and the personalised — for fuck’s sake, we give names to robots we send to deep space! We call unthinking machines things like Juno and Curiosity, Hubble, Discovery, Venera, Sputnik and Luna — we form bonds and relationships with wild animals who know nothing of emotions and have no way to communicate with us but we still figure out ways to befriend things so completely and totally different from us. Humans are wonderful and beautiful creatures. We give ourselves a unique set of vibrations called a “name” and care for each other’s wellbeing… for what? Exactly! No real reason! It just feels nice!

The day where we can do that freely and selflessly, where we can simply live and be alive without a care in the world, without having to spend or consume — just to exist and create — that will certainly be a wonderful day indeed. That’s the real fight of Communism. A fight, a revolt, a war to be human and to live in a world of humanity, where we can just be ourselves, and live.


Sydney, Australia

November 2020

Australian Communist