I’ve probably spoken less than a hundred words today.

I’ve interacted with maybe four people in the last twelve hours.

For a combined total of less than twenty minutes.

I hate this.

I’m sitting here with the glow of my monitor on my face, completely isolated, with two people in…

It didn’t seem to matter how long you stared out across the rooftops, it didn’t get any more interesting. You’ve been working this job for over four years, and so far, you hate it. The IT department of DEL-TEL Networking solutions is boring as hell. It felt weird working in…

(That’s right, sometimes I write poetry. It’s calming stuff.)

To the Overman,

to the one who conquered death and fear,

To the superman who defeated his demons and wrestled God,

To the Übermensch who conquers all, I ask:

How’d you do it?

How’d you win the final fight?

How’d you…

Commissar RDPK

Australian Communist

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